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Known employees

Although most employee details have been lost to the passage of time the following has been compiled from a variety of sources. It is far from complete but it time it is hoped that it will become more comprehensive. At one time or another the following were employed by R T Tanner & Co Ltd.

A number of photos survive and are recorded in the following link

Surname Christian name Department if known Year Highlight
AcresListed in 1889 as employee earning ฃ29 pa
AndrewsMargaretMrs joined 60 head of invoicing department1965
Amsdenfrom 1892 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
AnsellMrsEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory1957
ApplebyDenisJoined on 1 Jan 1967 Estimator – Manufacturing Department1969
Akeroyd JeremyLeeds Office left July 19771974
Aylmer Miss JaniceAccounts Dept clerk1966
BagleyG.FWarehouseman, Carmelite Street1956
BarberJune MrsAccounts Dept NCR machine operator joined 19701974
BarnesCharlieEnvelope Printing Department – London Factory1957
BarnesDennisOffice Staff1980
BarnesMargaretJoined in 1976 stock sales department1978
BarnesR.T.Post Department1955
BarnesTonyEnvelope Printing Department – London Factory1957
BartlettMiss MollyFinance Department1953
BayesFreddieA representative in London was employed 1899 to July 1906
BellYvonneAccounts Department1958
BerryJohnDistribution Dept – came from Savory Brothers1971
BetteridgeIanPaper Sales Department1955
BiggsDeniseJoined in 1977 Accounts Office1978
BirdGeorge JCompany Secretary1954
BirdPeterRepresentative left 19751970
BirnageNormanRepresentative N W England – Leeds Office1962
BoothMichaelAssistant Manager Leeds Office came from T.W.Leigh. Later Office Manager1970
Bowell Miss Irving MrsJoanFormerly Sec to Arthur Tanner, Paper Sales Department.Later Mrs Joan Irving1953
Bemford VeeMrsEnvelope Machine Operator1979
BredoMrsEnvelope Machinist1962
BrewerVera MissJoined 1962 as telephone exchange operator. Left on move to Crayford April 19691965
BridgemanHarryWarehouseman, Hutton Street1956
BrightwellMartha MrsPacker, Hutton Street1957
BrownPaulineJoined 1961 invoice typist1966
BuckMichaelProduction Controller 1969
Buckley Mrs RoseHead of Accounts Department1966
BurgessHarryTransport Manager 1957
BurgessMrsEnvelope Printing Department – London Factory1957
ButcherMrsEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory1957
Buxton MissEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory1957
ChasteauneufMiss Jeanne Invoice Department1955
CollinsPaulJoined 17 June 1968, Envelope Machine Adjuster1979
CollisMrsWomen's supervisor
CookBillForeman, Guillotine Dept, Hutton Street1957
CookJan MrsJoined 13 April 1971, Envelope machine operator1979
CookLenny(son of Bill) Guillotine Operator, Hutton Street1957
ColensoJoanInvoice typist1966
CopeJimmyGuillotine Operator, Hutton Street,1957
CormackSusan MrsJoined 1963 as shorthand typist1965
Coshall Miss JeanJoined 28 August 1961, Box machine operator1967
CoxFrom 1892 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
Creber Miss AlisonAccounts Dept clerk 1966
Crooks Miss JillInvoicing typist1969
Dalton PaulJoined 1 Oct 1966, Distribution Department 1969
DavenportD.W. Representative in West and South West London1964
DawePeterEnvelope Printing Department – London Factory1957
Davey MissLynnJoined 1964, National machine operator1966
Davies MissMonicaSecretary to production director1969
DayEdith MrsBoard, Envelope & Manufactured Stationery Sales Dept1952
DennisRListed as an employee in 1889 earning ฃ25.16.2d for part of year, ฃ40 pa
DennisonEricLondon Factory Manager (old member)1956
DingwallRobert GFactory Manager1971
Drummond McIntierDiane MrsSecretary to Derek Tanner and Eric Wicking left to have children and returned 1 Jan 1972 to job share as secretary with Sheila Jarvis1962
DuffinSally MissBoard, Envelope & Manufactured Stationery Sales Dept1952
EadeWilliamHead engineer/adjuster1962
EaglestoneMary MsTelephone exchange1958
EamesArthurListed as an employee in 1889 earning ฃ100 pa. In 1891 census he was recorded as commercial traveller. Founding director of company in 1908.
EcclestonMissCounting House 1954
EdgerleyMissPunching,tabbing,drilling & slotting department1957
Edmead A.G.Warehouseman, Hutton Street1956
EkeRobertDelivery driver, joining in 1905 and eventually head of transport in 1920s1954
EllwoodWallyManufacturing costing & estimating1956
EvansD.OListed as Cardiff representative in July 1906
FayterJohnPaper Sales Department 1953
FillmoreT.C.W.Warehouseman, Hutton Street 1956
FiskeTony Representative left September 1975 1967
Flett Alan Company Secretary 1966
Force Mrs PaulineJoined 1961 as shorthand typist 1962
Ford Miss K.T.Secretary – Leeds Office 1967
FreemanMichaelCame from John Dickinson & CO Rep West London 1965
GarnhamA.E.Representative in 1968 living in Sussex near Hassocks on retirement 1961
Garrad R Accountant 1957
GarrettFrank Anthony Son of founding partner in business1953
Galli MissYvonneSecretary – Leeds Office1974
Gilbert MrsPatJoined in 1975 wages & bought ledger clerk1978
GillKenneth IRep Leeds learnt trade with Messrs. John Dickinson1967
GoldsonFloStitcher envelope boxes 1967
GoodayleNigelRepresentative came from Reed Paper & Board Co.1975
GoslingA 1960
GreenC.T.One of founding partners of R T Tanner & Co
GreenLindaSecretary to the Managing Director1968
Guite MrsJoan Envelope machine operator1979
Hacker EWarehouseman, Carmelite Street 1956
HackerMiss JuneJoined in 1970 as N.C.R.machine operator now in charge of accounts department 1978
HaleJean MissJoined in 1964 Distribution department 1965
HallStanleyPunching ,tabbing, drilling & slotting department 1957
HammettPeta MsEnvelope department 1958
HanceAlbertWarehouseman board stockroom 1952
HandfordJoeEnvelope Printing Department – London Factory1957
HarperPegg MrsCrayford ? 1964
HarrisCyril DJoined 18 Feb 1974, Van distribution1974
HarrisonAFormerly with United Paper Merchants joined in 1952 as a representative in Yorkshire 1952
HarrisonArthurRepresentative later Leeds Office Manager1953
HarrisonGrahamLeeds Office
HayleDot MrsEnvelope machine operator 1979
Hearn MrsHilaryEnvelope Machine Operator 1979
HearnPJoined in 1965 as Accounts’ Office Manager 1966
HedleyWilliamBoard, Envelope & Manufactured Stationery Sales Dept General Manager 1952
HeretagePauline MsJoined in 1963 Crayford, transferred London Sales Office 1964 1965
HicksNormanOrder Office1980
Hills MissGeraldineSecretary to the Managing Director 1966
HoareJanet MissJoined 30 Oct 1972, Envelope Machine Operator1979
HodgsonAndrewOffice Manager – Leeds1967
HoggMrs CJoined in 1965, National machine operator1966
Holdon from 1892 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
HookingsMaureenPaper Sales1956
HowardMissFinance Department1953
HirstErnieEnvelope Puncher1961
HuntJohnFounding partner of business Hunt & Tanner
HuttonMiss MaryInvoicing typist1969
IrvingJoan MrsSecretary to Arthur Tanner 1965
JarvisSheilaOriginally came as temp clerk in 1963 as clerk in distribution dept. Later in June 1975 ADPT Secretary with Diane Drummond/McIntier 1966
Jeffery MrsCarolJoined 1972 1974
JohnsonListed as an employee in 1889 earning ฃ35 pa
JohnsonPat AJoined on 1 Jan 1963 Representative N and NW London 1965
Jones SuzanneAccounts Department 1969
KeepHowardSales Staff 1963
KeillerSally Miss 1962
KentRArea Manager Southern Region 1963 1957
KerlogueMichaelCommercial Manager joined 8/6/77 1978
KingBetty MissCounting House 1955
KnapmanJackieCounting House 1956
KnightEileenClerk Distribution Dept joined in 1973 1974
Knott Mrs MaryJoined in 31 May 1972 Envelope machine operator 1979
LangleyMrsTelephone exchange operator 1954
LeggettAlanSales Representative S.E.London & Kent. Came from Spicers 1971
Lloyd RobertsHFinance Department 1953
LoderE In May 1906 listed as a representative
LodgerErnestIn 1889 was listed as an employee earning ฃ60 for six months, probably a sale rep in London July 1906
LightEricRepresentative joining from Berry, Ede & White Ltd
LittlerTLeeds Office1964
LuttonMissInvoicing Department 1954
Maisey G.F.Listed as a representative in London July 1906
Manning Dennis JJoined 1 November 1976 Representative Kent & Sussex 1978
Mansfield BrianJoined 5 Oct 1960 as warehouseman. After a spell as an adjuster was promoted to warehouse manager 1978
Markham Alf Country packer, Warehouse, Carmelite Street 1956
Martin Bill(Bookie) Overseer, Envelope Printing Dept – London Factory[68/04/p5 until 1964 head of printing dept surrounded by grandchildren in Edmonton and always sends us a Christmas Card] 1957
Marks Ann Miss Envelope Department 1957
Martin Jean Mrs Finance Department 1953
Martin Bill Printing 1959
MilesMartin Sales Staff (left for Canada Sept 64 – Jan 65 H) 1963
Mitchell Mrs Brenda Chargehand handfolding dept 1967
Mole Barry Joined 1 Sept 1970 Envelope Machine Adjuster 1979
Moody <>From 1889 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
Moore Colleen Invoicing Department 1958
Murray Morgan Richard Joined from Spicers Rep Yorskhire 1965
MuirJohnPaper Sales Department 1953
MuirheadMiss EChargehand Envelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
MuirheadMiss L Envelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
NuttallJimRepresentative in N.W.England 1967
Osborne H.JRepresentation Buenos Aires, South America July 1906
Owen Miss Envelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
PearsallHenry Stillfrom 1887 in earliest surviving ledger Director 1908
PearsallHugh 1958
PearsallJohn SRepresentative 1953
PearsonBillJoined in 1 Sept 1967, Representative Durham,E Riding, Lincoln, Leeds Office Manager Jan 1974 1967
Phairs AnthonyRepresentative came from R.A.Brand & Co, left 1978 1975
PickeringPauline MsBoard and Envelope Department 1955
PocklingtonW.H.From 1892 in earliest surviving ledger (wages), in July 1906 was listed as a representative
Polezyk MarkSales Staff Crayford 1980
Pope Joan MissFinance Department 1953
Porter Miss MPocket Machine 1962
PrisleyERepresentative 1953
Pulford MissEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
Rae David Warehouse Manager Joined 1969 from Pierce & Rook 1970
Rason HFrom 1890 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
Rixon MissInvoicing Department 1954
Rice Jean MissInvoicing Department1958
RichardsMary Secretary to Mr F.A.Garrett joined 1936 transferred to Tanner Krolle & Co 1961 retired 1969. 1969
Roberts Barry Representative – Leeds Office 1964
RobinsonAlanLeeds Office 1961
Rowland TrevorSales force Leeds 1971
SainsburyJeffrey R.TRepresentative W.London & Bucks joined 4/10/1976 1978
SallernaSheila MrsEnvelope Machine Operator 1979
ScrubyR.BListed as a representative in London July 1906
SearyStanleyBoard, Envelope & Manufactured Stationery. Ran Sales Dept for number of years 1952
SeedsGillianSecretary to Managing Director 1972
SharpE? 1960
ShinglesAlanJoined on 12 May 1977 Envelope machine adjuster 1979
SimmondsN ? W From 1890 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
SmithDoris MissTelephonist 1962
SmithGRepresentative 1953
SmithCharlieCountry Packer, Warehouse, Hutton Street 1956
SmithM In May 1906 listed as a representative
SmithPeterOrders specially manufactured – came from Spicers, Left July 1976 1970
SmithTommyWarehouseman, Hutton Street 1956
SmythJoyJoined in 1976 as invoice typist 1978
SparksRRepresentative in Yorkshire area until 1952 then Midlands Representative area 1952
SparksRRepresentative 1953
StacyCFrom 1890 in earliest surviving ledger (wages) and listed as a representative in July 1906
StarkeyJoyce MrsEnvelope Machine Operator 1979
StevensLesliePaper Sales Department 1953
StewardJohn LeslieLondon Office, then representative 1969
StoneErnieForeman, Warehouse, Carmelite Street, 1956
SwannD.A.Warehouseman, Hutton Street 1956
SydesMissEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
TannerA.DerekBoard, Envelope & Manufactured Stationery Sales Dept 1952
TannerArthurYounger son of founder, Richard Tuppen Tanner 1953
TannerA.RDistribution Manager 1958
TannerPeterJoined on 16 Sept 1975 1975
Tayler Jean Paper Sales Department 1953
Taylor Mary MrsCosting Clerk 1969
Tegg Edward Came from Wm.Finlay & Son Rep.SE London 1965
Temple Listed as an employee in 1889 earning ฃ104 pa
TemplemanBill Foreman, Warehouse, Hutton Street 1956
TemplemanKeithJoined in April 1980, Representative Eastern Counties 1980
TinworthRoy JohnRep in London & Buckinghamshire 1959
TonksDerekJoined on 1 Nov 1965 Rep S.E.London and City 1969
TruworthR.J.Representative (left 1962) 1963
TullettMillie MissJoined the Company in August 1919 aged 14 PackerRetired 1968 first woman pensioner of the Company 1959
Turner RRepresentative in Kent, Sussex and SE London 1953
Verden RichardTrainee Sales Staff 1963
WakefieldC In May 1906 listed as a representative
Waldronfrom 1890 in earliest surviving ledger (wages)
WalfordWilliam FTrainee distribution dept 1971
WardMaureen MsPaper Sales Department 1955
WasherMichaelDistribution Department 1969
WatsonRose Miss Invoice Department 1955
WellsDavid ?RonRepresentative Yorkshire – Leeds Office 1964
WhaleFrances Paper Sales Department 1958
WhitfieldMervyn AJoined in 1964 Distribution department 1965
WhittakerDavidRepresentative Leeds Office 1961
WhittingtonKimAccounts Dept, joined 1973 1974
WickingEric LSecretary to the Company 1953
WildegoMrsEnvelope Hand Folding Dept – London Factory 1957
Wilken ArthurJoined 61 Assistant Factory Manager - Appointed Production Controller in 1963 1966
WilliamsonJean MissSecretary Leeds Office married 7 June Mr John Greenhalf 1969
WillisGeorgeVan driver
WitcherEileen MsPacker, Hutton Street 1957
WoodJacquelineReceptionist, telephone operator 1977
WorleyAlanJoined on 29 Jan 1968, Head warehouseman – Leeds 1974
WrightJoan MrsEnvelope Machine Operator 1979
WrightTrevor Joined on 1 Feb 1966, Office – Leeds - Office Manager June 1969 1967
YeatesMrs ChristineAccounts Dept. wages & bought ledger responsibilities 1974

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