The history of the firm R.T. Tanner & Co Ltd

For ease of reference the author has attempted to divide the history of the Company into separate periods. In time it is the intention that these will be developed and added to.

History of the Tanner family
Provides a background to the family who founded and later ran the business
Hunt & Tanner (1859-1877)
Covers the partnership between J Hunt and Richard Tuppen Tanner, which preceeded the Company
RT Tanner & Co (1877-1908)
From foundation of the independent business until its incorporation
RT Tanner & Co Limited (1908-1938)
From incorporation of the partnership until World War 2
RT Tanner & Co Limited (1939-1959)
Rebuilding after blitz to the move to Crayford
RT Tanner & Co Limited (1960-1969)
From London to Crayford (1960-1969)
RT Tanner & Co Limited (1970-1983)
WORK IN PROGRESS (1970-1983)
RT Tanner & Co Limited (1984-to the end)

History of Hand Made Paper Making by Bachelor & Sons 1906

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