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The history of the firm R.T Tanner& Co

਍ഀ Tanner trade circular july 1906਍ഀ
  • Don’t boast that you use the same machine that you grandfather used; if you do, you cannot prove in any better way that you are two or three decades behind the times.਍ഀ
  • Don’t believe that any trouble is too great to please a customer; one never knows what a seemingly casual customer may require at some future time, and first impressions always stick.਍ഀ
  • Don’t promise a job for a certain time, unless you feel confident that you can get it through. It is far preferable to make delivery a day earlier than a day late, and leaves a good impression.਍ഀ
  • Don’t complain too much of the severity of competition. Remember that the most successful men of business are those who consider the conditions that must be overcome, and devote all their energies to the lines of least resistance.਍ഀ
  • Don’t overlook the fact that R. T. Tanner and Co. keep large stocks of paper of every description, and make a point of prompt delivery.਍ഀ
  • Don’t let your employees forget that punctuality is of first importance to a successful business. Nelson attributed his success in life to having always been a quarter of an hour before his time.਍ഀ
  • Don’t forget to keep a cost sheet for every machine, including additions and repairs thereto. After a few years they will provide food for deep reflection.਍ഀ
  • Don’t worry਍ഀ
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